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All About Us... 

My husband, my Five children and I live in Columbus, Ohio. We share our home with our dogs and cats, or rather, they share their home with us. I have been showing and breeding Persians since 2013. We have a very small breeding program and do not have litters often. When we do have kittens, we keep them back to evaluate them for possible show. Once we decide which kittens we will be keeping back to show, we offer the others available for adoption. We do not take our pet placement lightly, as these are our babies. An extensive adoption application must be filled out before we will even consider someone as potential pet owner. As a breeder, my promise is that these kittens and cats are my family, and anyone who is lucky enough to adopt one of our babies will become part of that family as well!

Anyone who has ever been involved in purchasing a purebred knows firsthand that finding a breeder you trust and who, in turn, will trust you with their cat is like finding a needle in a haystack. I have been so lucky to find breeders that I can honestly say are my friends!   

I want to take a moment to say "Thank you" to Carmen Ruggiero of Di-Saronno Persians for taking a chance on me, when no one else would. Your friendship and never ending support means the world to me. Thank you for trusting me with your beautiful cats!  

Thank you, as well to Patti DeBiasse of Debo Persians for my handsome Marty Mcfly, for our hours of gabbing on the phone and for always having my back and rooting me on!  

Last, but certainly not least, thank you to Caitlin Winn Fulton of Heart'nsoul Persians for your endless amount of patience and all the advice you have given me. I hit the jack pot having these ladies in my corner!

 Sadly since my program has started we have lost a few furry family members. They may be gone, but they are forever in our hearts. My cattery is dedicated to my love of animals, and especially to those who are no longer here.

Our "Fur" Family...