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Vet Checks, Vaccines and De-worming: Your kitten will be at least 12 weeks of age when you take him home. We use a veterinary grade de-wormer here called Safeguard and kittens are de-wormed at 4 weeks of age, once a day for three days and once again at 8 weeks of age for three days. Your kitten will have been given an FVRCP vaccine at 8 weeks of age and will have been given a full examination by a licensed veterinarian. Four weeks later, at 12 weeks of age, another FVRCP booster will be administered. At 16 weeks of age, a third FVRCP booster is recommended and by law, a Rabies vaccine must be given. Most times the third "appointment" is the buyers responsibility because the kitten is no longer in my care. This appointment is not covered by myself. After the third FVRCP booster and Rabies vaccine has been given, if your kitten is in good health, annual exams and boosters are recommended.

FIV/FeLV, PKD and DNA Testing: As each new cat is brought into my cattery an FIV/FeLV test is completed at my vets office. This is to ensure I am not bringing any FIV/FeLV infected cats into my cattery. Because both of your kittens parents are either FIV/FeLV tested negative OR are the offspring of FIV/FeLV tested negative parents - kittens are guaranteed to be FIV/FeLV negative. However, this test can be completed at my vets office, if requested, for an additional $60.

All of the cats I am using in my breeding program are either PKD tested negative themselves or are offspring of PKD negative parents, which means, they are for sure PKD negative themselves. Therefore, I guarantee all kittens leaving my cattery to be PKD negative.

Spay and Neuter: Depending on the age you get your kitten, he/she may already be altered. If kittens are not altered when they leave, it is the responsibility of the buyer to have this procedure done. If purchased as a pet, it must be completed by 6 months of age. CFA registration will only be sent once I have received proof that the spay/neuter has been completed.

De-clawing: This is not something that I personally agree with. If a kitten is de-clawed the contract is null and void. 

Microchips: Although we don't do this as of yet, we hope to start soon. Having a microchip implanted at the same time that your kitten is having their spay/neuter done, would be a great idea. Microchips are a great way to identify your cat if he/she was to get lost or has been stolen. Most shelters will scan an animal upon arrival to see if they belong to some one and some vets office regularly scan animals as well. Collars are not all that reliable. I highly recommend microchips.

Indoor or Outdoor: These kittens should be part of the family, and I highly doubt you would keep your human child outdoors unattended. Therefore all kittens purchased from Masabeli Persians should be indoor ONLY ! Unless you have your kitten/cat on a leash or have had an enclosure built, then applying a product monthly like Revolution or another quality topical flea prevention is a must. This breed is delicate and has been so "babied" generation after generation that their survival skills are not all that great any more. They are very "proper", don't like to be dirty, would likely starve and would be unsure of how to protect themselves when confronted by another animal or traffic. And you can be sure that if any one spotted a beautiful cat like this wandering outdoors that they would snatch it up without thinking twice, likely never to return it. Plus allowing kittens/cats to roam free outdoors is a sure fire way of of spreading and/or contracting multiple feline diseases.

Diet: By the time your kitten is ready to go, he/she will be eating solid food. Here at Masabeli we feed Feline Holistic Select and Pure Vita grain free food. However, if you do decide to switch the food your kitten is eating it is essential that you do it very slowly (over a two week time period) by first mixing 90% Feline Holistic with 10% of the new food choice and every couple days, mixing less Holistic into the new food (ex. day 4 - 80%, day 6 - 70%, day 8 - 60%, etc). Please keep in mind that your kitten should remain on a KITTEN FOOD or an all life stages diet until at least 1 year of age! Wet food or raw is an option, but not a necessity if your kitten is eating dry food.

Litter: We use Tidy Cat clumping litter here at Masabeli. Your new kitten will have used this litter from about 3-4 weeks of age so it will be what he/she is accustomed to.

Preventative Treatments: Your vet may suggest using a product like Revolution or Advantage on your new kitten. These products protect against fleas, heartworm, ear mites, hookworm (Anycylostoma tubae) and roundworm (Toxocara cati). There is no harm is using these products. A de-wormer may also be recommended by your veterinarian as a precaution or your vet may ask you to bring in a fecal sample to determine whether your new kitten has any internal parasites/organisms. 

Grooming: You chose a breed that requires regular grooming so be prepared. You really only need ONE comb and that is a comb that has 50% medium and 50% fine spacing. You will also need a pair of cat nail clippers. Buying some good deep cleaning shampoo is a good idea and spraying your cat with a "leave in" conditioner after their bath also helps with grooming and leaves them with a soft, shiny coat. Bathing at least once a month would be ideal and blow drying will also help prevent mats from forming while they are drying. Daily brushing is essential to keep your kitten free of mats and to help keep your house a little less "hairy". Wiping the eyes daily helps prevent tear stains. You can simply use a cloth and warm water or even non scented baby wipes. This is the basic grooming routine for a pet but if you are interested in showing, there are a few other "steps" that should be followed. 

What To Buy:

(1) Litter Box

(2) Litter (I recommend: Tidy cat)

(3) Food (I recommend: Feline Holistic Select or Pure Vita grain free)

(4) Treats (I recommend: temptations, raw beef or canned wet food)

(5) Food/Water Bowls (I recommend: stainless steel)

(6) Toys (I recommend: crinkle balls, feathers and the "cat dancer toy")

(7) Scratching Post

(8) Cat Tree

(9) Comb and Nail Clippers

(10) Shampoo and Conditioner

(11) Eye Wipes

Note: If you don't already have one, finding a vet before getting your kitten is very important. You want to be sure that you have some one lined up in case of emergency.