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The Cost of Raising a Litter of Purebred Kittens

All breeders are not the same; some breeders do not show their cats, some breeders do not health test, some breeders do not go to the lengths which we do to ensure we produce healthy, conformationally correct and social kittens. It is not cheap to correctly breed and raise a litter of kittens; our prices for kittens directly reflect the time and money we spend to bring our kittens into this world. Below is a small list of expenses we directly incur.

Our first costs come from setting up our breeding program. Not only do we have to spend a lot of time doing research (health, nutrition, breeding, kittening, cattery management, etc…) and speaking to other knowledgeable breeders, but we also need to find a wonderful vet who will work with us. We also need to set up our cattery. Whether we have an “in home” cattery or have built a detached cattery (additional cost), to keep our cattery in “tip top” shape takes A LOT of hard work and money!! Cleaning supplies, vacuums, scratching posts, kitty beds, toys, litter boxes, litter scoops, combs and other grooming tools, shampoos, blow dryers, carriers, etc... These things must be replaced often. We are looking at spending hundreds of dollars, possibly thousands, each year on these items. And the list goes on..

  • Initial purchase price of the Show Quality cats (who in turn will hopefully be the foundation of the cattery barring accident, illness or disqualifying fault). A breeder expects to pay around 1800.00-3000.00 per cat.
  • All the “show” equipment ie: show cage(s), portable litterboxes, beds for in the show cages, sanitizers for cleaning, combs, brushes, sheers, stripping knives, scissors, dry shampoos, whiteners, stain removers, regular shampoos, conditioners, texturizers, volumizers, clippers and blow dryers. All of this equipment runs into hundreds of dollars and while some of the items may be a onetime purchase with upkeep costs the majority of these items need to be continually purchased as the supply dwindles.
  • The cost of actually showing: Entry fees for a show (vary depending on how many cats are participating but typically $80/cat per show), hotel fees, airline travel or gas for travel to and from the show, food/beverages while at the show, pet sitters for your other cats/animals while you are gone.
  • Health testing on the breeding cats (FELV/FIV), PKD DNA test, UTD vaccinations and dewormings, pre-breeding exams

The Cost to Actually Breed the Litter:

  • Birthing cage (area) for your cat
  • Complications with delivery: Persians are high risk deliveries due to head size; a C-section typically averages $1,000 in non-emergency situations
  • Antibiotics for the mother and kittens
  • Vet exam fee for any respiratory issues, diarrhea, or other issues that may arise with your kittens
  • Cost of vaccines, dewormings, and medications
  • Supplement milk for kittens if kittens are unable to nurse or mom doesn't produce enough milk
  • High quality kitten food to wean kittens onto after nursing
  • LOTS of toys for your cats and kitties; condos, teasers, laser lights, balls
  • Heaters to keep the room the proper temperature
  • Water and laundry detergent to keep bedding clean
  • Health certificates for each kitten prior to leaving
  • Spay and Neuter of pet quality kittens prior to them leaving
  • Cost of advertising (website, business cards, advertisements)
  • Registration fees to register the litter
  • Travel fees
  • Our time...all said and done we get paid about .03 cents an hour to breed and raise a litter!

I realize we all have a budget when looking to add a new member of the family. I truly appreciate and respect that. However, I ask when inquiring about the cost of my kitten's, the same respect is given. My prices are not for everyone, but they are what they are for a reason. My prices are not up for negotiation, so please do not ask. I am sure you will be able to find kittens elsewhere at a lower price. But, I can guarantee, you will not find kittens who have received more attention, care and socialization than at Masabeli Persians.