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What we want to accomplish...

We feel all Persian cats are beautiful. This breed comes in such a variety of colors, all which are uniquely stunning. After deciding to begin a hobby breeding program the next step was the not-so-simple question of, "What are my program goals"? 

 We have chosen to focus on a solid Pure Persian program. Health and temperament being our number one priority. After that, conformationally I wish to produce beautiful cats that will meet the Persian CFA standard.  

We breed for show. So our first priority is to keep back the kitten that best fits the breed standard for our program. We do occasionally have kittens that we offer to forever pet homes. We take the placement of our kittens very seriously. Wanting to ensure they go to a loving home, and stay with their human family forever. That being said, we certainly understand, life happens. And when, or if it does, we will be there every step of the way. We never want one of our babies to wind up in a shelter, so we will be there if something does occur where a home can no longer keep one of our fur kids. 

We make a promise to our kittens and cats, as well as their owners that we are always here for them.