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Cat ownership: Should I adopt a kitten from a breeder or a rescue?

I felt the need to add this page to explain my thoughts on purchasing a kitten from a private breeder while there are so many animals in need of a home. In all honesty, I would ALWAYS recommend considering a cat or kitten from a shelter, humane society or rescue first. There are many "unwanted" animals, young and old, which have so much love to give and so much to offer a family. Even if you are not interested in a mixed breed (although they make some of the best pets ever), there are purebreds available in shelters, as well as breed specific rescues. I will always encourage a potential buyer to check these places in addition to considering a breeder. Pet “overpopulation” encompasses two primary factors: (1) allowing cats and dogs to reproduce with no regard for trying to find appropriate homes for the offspring and (2) pets being relinquished by owners who can no longer keep their animals or who no longer want them. I always donate to shelters and offer my time and home whenever possible to any animal in need.

As I stated before, I love my mixed breed pets...but I also love my purebred ones. I see all too often people breeding in a less than responsible fashion. I am not judging other breeders but anyone can put two purebred animals together and have kittens; that's the easy part. They do not care (or even know) if their cats are PKD positive, they do not vaccinate, deworm or take their animals to a vet when they are sick, often breeding them without any health testing or without taking the time to screen potential buyers to ensure the kittens go to quality homes. That type of breeder gives all breeders a bad name. But...there is such a thing as a responsible, caring breeder. I consider myself to be one. I have put my heart and soul into making sure my animals are my top priority.

I was torn for quite some time about how I could justify to myself purposely breeding and bringing more animals into this world when there are so many without homes. However, I know this is something I can do and do well. I can take steps to ensure no kitten I produce ever adds to the overpopulation by spaying and neutering all of my kittens adopted out as "pets", being very careful in my placement of show/breeder quality kittens (only adopting to breeders who feel the same as I do) and taking back any kitten I have ever produced for any reason. You will never find a responsible breeder's offspring in a shelter or a rescue. Although if you did, I can guarantee the breeder had no idea it was there. I am a very small breeder focusing on quality over quantity. I don't have the quantity of kittens other breeders might have so that I can spend the kind of time I think is needed with my feline family. Each cat gets hugged, loved on, and played with every single day. I stay small so that no one feels neglected. Each new baby is handled, talked to, and cared for so they enjoy that human connection. I purposely introduce them to loud noises like the vacuum, washing machine, and children. I also follow a very methodical method of weaning as they are growing up in order to make them very well-rounded socially. I'm very proud that I am able to provide such wonderful companions.

This is my passion and my hobby, plain and simple. This is not my job nor my main source of income (nor any source of income at all). I do not breed with the goal of making a profit. At this point, with the amount of money I have invested, even "breaking even" is laughable. My goal, as a responsible show breeder, is to produce Persian kittens that are healthy, sweet, socialized and fit the CFA standard, thus making the breed better.

For more information about what goes into showing and breeding costs, please refer to The Cost of Raising a Persian page. 

Regardless of whether you get a kitten from Masabeli or from a shelter or rescue, I wish you nothing but the best with your new fur baby!